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Hi again Beth! So does this look vaguely familiar? ☺

I'm not sure why people want to put up Intelligent Design as an alternative to evolution, given that evolution might have been part of the design, and that "So-Called Intelligent Design" is an extremely fair criticism even without the avocados, and most especially that Intelligent Design is a set of beliefs that says "There IS a God, and He is definitely not the guy in your book."

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  1. Hi Scott,
    I thought the idea was that we were made in the image of God. So I guess God has bad knees, is balding, and tends to overeat. But what I can’t understand is why, if God was guiding evolution, why did it take so many tries on us: were the Neanderthals, Denisovians, etc., etc. just jokes? I could understand if there was a straight evolutionary line to us, but why all these “mistakes” not in our direct lineage? Is God a drunk, too? But I think you have, at last, found the correct explanation for the avocado.

    Design reviews, sigh. After the best CDR I ever had, the project was cancelled. And I had lots of successful PDRs and CDRs. People were celebrating because it was such a stunningly good CDR, didn’t matter. When the decision is made to cancel ahead of time, God could appear at the CDR, and you would still get cancelled. Guess (s)he doesn’t bother having been to so many of them already…

    Cheers and Love,

    1. Bonus points from you count the MOST. ☺ I think the Neanderthals were to get the desired mix of caucasians and asians into the populace. It probably has something to do with those monochrome artworks where our natural grayscale is put to use in something that can only be seen from high above… OMG I never thought about this and Cristo at the same time before, how can you MISS it when it’s CRISTO? Jeez. ☺
      (NO idea what the Denisovians were about.)

    2. The idea of “God with a Dad Bod” or “God: 2nd trimester, possibly 3rd” just appeals way too much.
      You know, I tell people that you can hear when someone has made up their mind to cancel a project, when they say things like “I’m going to be trying to learn as much about the process as I can in the coming weeks…” They’re kind of saying they’ve decided but are going to look twice to make sure they’re not making a huge mistake. The answer’s already in ink.

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