Year Of The Earth Pig

2019 is the Year Of The Earth Pig, and I like to try to do a cartoon for these years, so I was thinking… hmmm… pigs, 3 little pigs…

(This came out more like a newspaper political cartoon than I wanted, but hey. Go where your muse takes you I always say.)

I was a delighted to find out that the Chinese Zodiac that we all know and love from various placemats in our history (assuming we haven’t led a very sheltered life) is that there are flavors of each option, say for instance mine (Rooster). Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Next year is the Metal Rat.

(This is definitely copyright probably Jay Ward Prod. 
and is used here just to remind you that Boris Badenov
is alive and well and has been playing a long game
culminating in this Nostradamus year of the
shall-join-forces-against-the-butterflies, which as we
all know means 2020 DUH like it's as if you've never
dropped water on your foot and gone into a trance before

The plot of this Rocky&Bullwinkle episode was that
6' mice
[which excuse me is more of a rat]
were destroying all the
TV towers so that
people would emigrate away and the US
would be
left micro-populated with only people who weren't

addicted to TV which honestly is a thing that I might
get behind and assist moreso than thwarting which is
the Wildlife Bros R&B did in these episodes.
Metal Rat... We can only hope.

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