Primitive Facetime

3rd World Facetime

Before we say anything about 'this is stupid' I'd just like to note that I have seen people at opposite ends of a bar texting each other.

I was thinking about video phones, how we now have them and it's even EASY and it doesn't actually cost you anything extra, and we kind of don't like it and don't use it. This seems odd to me, but it does make sense when you think about having to control your facial expressions. It's like the phone is a limited amount of contact and maybe that limit ameliorates a part of the social anxiety of talking to people in general.




"They see these claws and they think 'Wolverine! Ooh, he's morally compromised, a real lone wolf who doesn't play by the rules!' Well I'M NOT! I don't even jaywalk for Chrissakes!"

Note: This pose is from a photo; he really was sitting straight-up-no-hands from just a pole grip with one foot and one knee. This is like in gymnastics when they're doing the rings and holding their whole body up on their outstretched arms.


Parker Panel 1
Parker Panel 2
Parker Panel 3

This thought is certainly not unique to me, I stopped reading at a certain point but I believe Stark Industries made web bombs and other stuff out of it... not sure if they paid Pete for that. Although Spidey as a rich nerd, the mature version, would be fun.