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It won’t make the data make any more sense, but we’ll feel MUCH better come lunchtime.


If you’re my age you may remember this guy from the Ed Sullivan Show; and you too may have wondered “Why are they putting this guy on TV?” Much the way you may have wondered the same thing about, say, Kim Kardashian. (And you may right now be hearing Kahtchaturian’s “Sabre Dance” playing in your head.)   J


“… I think we need to see other people.” 

(I’m aware this is kind of an English Teacher Joke. I guess I’m kind of an English teacher… J  )


Thanks to Wendell Werner who was ultimately behind this idea. : )  No, Wendell, we’ve never met.



Thanks Margie!

I drew this one at Alton’s restaurant in Elma NY while waiting for my supper; I had a nice conversation with a young waitress about how you try something for a few years and you get to be pretty good at it. Talent is not a myth, but it’s not always born there, you know?

Note: The service is pretty good at Alton’s, I didn’t FINISH this while waiting.   J